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Proceedings of the 5th International Working Conference
on Stored-Product Protection
(Table of Contents)

Full Citation:
Fleurat-Lessard, F.; Ducom, P. (Eds.), Proceedings of the 5th International Working Conference on Stored-Product Protection, 9-14 September 1990, Bordeaux, France. Imprimerie du Médoc, Bordeaux, France, 1991.
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Volume 1

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National Scientific Committee Of 5th I.W.C.S.P.P. vi
Table of Content vii-xi
Role of odor volatiles in the stored-grain ecosystem. – Sinha, R.N. 3-14
The behavioural responses of Sitophilus oryzae (L.) under conditions modifying the expression of resistance in stored sorghum. – Adetunji, J. 15-24
Correlation of alpha-amylase inhibitor content in eastern soft wheats with development parameters of the rice weevil. (Abstract) – Baker, J.E.; Woo, S.M.; Throne , J.E. 25-26
Bionomics of Acarus siro (l.) and Tyrophagus putrescentiae (Schr.) On stored pollen collected by bees. (Abstract) – Chimielewski, W. 27-28
Bruchids and legume seeds: Adaptations and adaptability. – Credland, P.F.; Dendy , J. 29-38
Tyrosine storage in stored-product Coleoptera. – Delobel , B.; Rahbe , Y.; Guillaud, J. 39-46
Ecdysteroid mediated differential uptake of larval haemolymph proteins during post-embryonic development in rice moth, Corcyra cephalonica. – Dutta-Gupta , A.; Ismail, S.M 47-60
Studies on the biology and ecology of Pagiocerus frontalis (Fabricius) infesting stored maize in Ecuador. – Eid-wendt, J.; Schulz, F.A. 61-70
Dermestes maculatus (De Geer) principal déprédateur des produits alieutiques transformés au Senegal. – Gueye-N'Diaye , A. 71-78
Relative resistance of different rice varieties against Sitotroga cerealella (Oliv). – Haryadi, Y.; Fleurat-Lessard, F. 79-88
Investigations on the capability of Prospephanus truncatus (Horn) on different types of wood. – Helbig, J.; Detmers , H.B.; Laborius , G.A. 89-108
Biological control of bruchids in stored pulses by using egg parasitoids of the genus Uscana (Hym.: Trichogrammatidae): A review. – Huis, V.A.; Kaashoek, N.K.; Maes, H. M. 99-108
Effect of tricalcium phosphate on an energy budget of Trogoderma granarium Everts (Coleoptera, Dermestidae). – Kraszpulski, P.; Boczek, J.; Davis, R. 109-118
Esterase-6 activity in adults of Ephestia cautella (Walker). (Abstract) – Lamooza, S.B.; Kadhum , S.S. 119-120
Preliminary studies on the niche of major species in the stores stored product insect community.(Abstract) – Guangcan, Li.; Lung-Shu , L. 121-122
Prospects for application of quantitative analysis of insect behaviour to pest control. (Abstract) – Lux, S. 123-124
Studies on the biology of two congeneric species of Callosobruchus. – M'Bata , G.N. 125-134
Factors affecting feeding activity and dates loss by Cadra calidella larvae (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae). – Metwally , M.M.; Ali , M. A.; Abdel-Salam , A.L.; Hussain , A.E. 135-142
Utilization of biology and copulation behaviour in minimisation of the population build up of Caryedon serratus Olivier. – Mittal, V.P 143-150
Development of two bruchilds species (Bruchidius atrolineatus Pic and Callosobruchus maculatus F.) and their larval parasitoids during storage of cowpea seeds (Vigna unguiculata) in West Africa. – Monge, J.P.; Ouedraogo, P.A.; Lenga, A.; Huignard, J. 151-160
Survey of stored insect in rice field before harvest. – Nualvatna, K. 161-166
Ecological status of store bruchids and its bearing on phylogeny. – Pajni, H. R. 167-174
Bionomics of Liposcelis paetus in stored grain (Psocoptera-liposcelidae). – Pike, V.; Rees , D.; Hatch , R. 175-180
Pheromonal communication and orientation of the granary weevil, Sitophilus granarius L. – Plarre, R. 181-190
Detection of antinutritional substances in stored foodstuffs with yellow mealworm larvae. Tenebrio molitor L. (Coleoptera tenebrionidae). – Pracros, P.; Couranjou, C.; Fleurat-Lessard, F.; Anglade, P. 191-198
Anatomy and morphology of the larger great grain borer, Prostephanus truncatus (Horn). (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae). (Abstract) – Ramirez, M.M.; Moreno-Martinez, E. 199-200
Variation de la valeur nutritive de Tenebrio molitor L. elevé sur différents substrats. – Ramos-Elorduy, J.; Pino Moreno , J.M. 201-210
Influences of food quality for Sitophilus oryzae on life history of Lariophagus distinguendus. – IL Ryoo, M.; Yoo, C.K.; Hong, Y.S. 211-220
Determination of certain essential elements in stored product insects (Coleoptera). (Abstract) – Sighamony, S.; Hussain, S.; Anees, I.; Chandrakala, T.S.; Kaiser, J. 221-222
Sperm cells of Rhyzopertha dominica (Fabricius) (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae). (Abstract) – Szlendak, E.; Arbogast , R.T. 223-224
Effects of kernel damage on bionomics of rusty grain beetles in stored corn. (Abstract) – Throne, J.E. 225-226
Biologie de Sitophilus zeamais Motsch. (Col. Curculionidae) 1. Role et importance de quelques céréales sur son développement et son oviposition. – Verstraeten, C.; Rodriguez-Cobos, C.; Haubruge, E. 227-236
Influence des traitements thermiques sur le développement et la fécondité d'Ephestia kuehniella Zeller (Lep., Pyralidae). (Abstract ) – Vieira, V.; Tavares, J.; Daumal, J. 237-238
Responses of Sitophilus zeamais and Cynaeus angustus to volatiles from weevil-infested corn in the laboratory. (Abstract) – Weston, P.A. 239-240
Chairmen's Summary Report: 241
Storage microflora and mycotoxins: A new risk for health. – King Jr, A.D. 245-260
Microbiological quality of grains and ergosterol content. – Cahagnier, B.; Lesage, L.; Richard-Molard, D. 261-278
Aflatoxin control in postharvest corn kernels: Effects on chitosan and Bacillus subtilis. – Cuero, R.G.; Osuji , G.; Duffus, E. 279-290
The effects of carbon dioxide on storage fungi of maize. – Dharmaputra, O.S.; Tjidtrosomo, H.S.S.; Aryan, F.; Sidik, M. 291-302
Effect of different by-products of lipooderoxidation on the aflatoxin biosynthesis. – Fanelli, C.; Fabbri, A.A.; Castoria, R.; Panfili, G.; De Luca, C. 303-310
Effects of fungal infection and agro-chemicals on the chemical composition of some seeds and aflatoxin production. – Farag, R.S. 311-320
Use of an automatic electrolytic respirometer to study respiration of stored grain. – Hamer, A.; Lacey, J.; Magan, N. 321-330
Fungal floral of dried figs: The incidence of aflatoxigenic moulds. – Karapinar, M.; Patkar, K.L. 331-336
Control of moulding and mycotoxin production in stored sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) and rice (Oryza sativa L.) using organic acids and antioxidants. – Kennedy, R.; Lacey, J.; Shekara Shetty, H.; Reddy, M.J.; Usha, C.M.; Patkar, K.L. 337-346
Improving the classification of mycotoxin-producing penicillia associated with the storage of food. – Kozakiewicz, Z. 347-354
Integrated strategies for the control of moulding in grain. – Lacey, J.; Paster, N.; Fanelli, C.; Kennedy, R.; Shekara Shetty, H.; Mora, M. 355-364
Grain dust as a cause of occupational lung disease. – Lacey, J. 365-374
Storage conditions of straw leading to Stachybotrys atra development in France. – Le Bars, P.; Le Bars, J. 375-384
Influence of maize lipids on the growth and lipolytic activity of Eurotium chevalieri at reduced water activities. – Lesage, L.; Richard-Molard, D.; Cahagnier, B. 385-394
The effect of water activity and temperature on mycoflora and dry matter loss of rapeseed. – Magan, N. 395-404
The relationship between fungal biomass, ergosterol and grain grain spoilage. – Marfleet, I.; Magan, N.; Lacey, J. 405-412
Diagnosis of contamination levels of white maize with aflatoxin in Costa Rica. – Mora, M. 413-422
Effect of heat treatment on quality factors and mycoflora of sorghum. – More, H.; Magan, N.; Stenning, B.C. 423-430
Preservation of seeds by antifungal volatile compounds. – Nandi, B. 431-444
Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays for mycotoxins using monoclonalantibodies. – Ramakrshna, N.; Lacey, J.; Candlish, A.A.G.; Smith , J.E. 445-454
Effects of interactions between water activity, temperature and toxigenic fungi on fungal colonisation and mycotoxin production in barley. – Ramakrishna, N.; Lacey, J.; Smith, J.E. 455-462
Aero-mycoflora: Their impacts on human populations working under storage environements at and around Bulandshar (U.P.), India. (Abstract) – Teotia, U.V.S.; Tuteja, S.C.; Bhatti, U.S. 463-464
Chairman's Summary Report: 465-466
Chemical control methods. – Bengston, M.; Koch, K.; Strange, A.C. 471-482
Grain age and malathion effects on insect colonization of stored corn in Kentucky. (Abstract) – Barney, R.J.; Sedlacek, J.D.; Price, B.D.; Weston, P.A. 483-484
Development of insect growth regulators as grain protectants in Australia and south-east Asia. – Bengston, M.; Koch, K.; Strange, A.C. 485-489
Effects of the two IGR's methoprene and fenoxycarb on Liposcelis bostrychophilus and Acarus siro. – Buchi, R. 490-496
A new formulation liquid grain protectant based on deltamethrin and chlorpyrifos-methyl. – Crampton, P.L.; Huson, A.J.; Nicholls, A.W. 497-508
Insect growth regulators as protectants against some insect pests of cereals and legumes. – Daglish, G.J.; Samson, P.R. 509-516
The advantages of mixing deltamethrin and organo-phosphorous insecticides for the protection of stored cereals - a review of recent trials. – Duguet, J.S.; Fleurat-Lessard, F.; Peruzzi , D. 517-526
Evaluation of neem kernel extract (Margosan-O) against major stored insect pests of beans and sorghum in Rwanda. – Dunkel, F.V.; Sriharan, S.; Niziyimana, E.; Serugendo, A. 527-536
Control of stored product pests with CO2 on wheat in plastic bags. – Hamel, D. 537-546
Zero tolerance insect infestation now. – Huber, R.W. 547-552
Effect of aeration on degradation and efficiency to common stored grain insects of malathion and deltamethrin in south China. – Liang Quan; Chen Jiadon; Hua Dejian; Wu Zhongzhen; Zhang Xinfu; Keng Yaxian 553-564
Susceptibility of the psocid pest Liposcelis bostrychophilus to methoprene and to a new juvenoid. – Kucerova, Z.; ZUSKA, J. 565-570
Persistance of deltamethrin residues in stored cereals. – Molinari, G.P. 571-578
A new technique for the evaluation of space sprays against stored product insects. – Morgan, C.P.; Barson, G.; Watson, E.; Pinniger, D.B. 579-588
Experimental design and modelization as tools for the development of insecticide combination of deltamethrin, organophosphorous compounds and piperonyl butoxide as stored grain protectant in temperate and tropical situations. – Nicolas, J.; Vincent, P.; Tralongo, H.; Lanteri, P.; Longeray , R. 589-598
Residual application of insecticides for protection of milled rice against insect reinfestations under tropical warehouse conditions. – Rahim, M.; Daglish, G. 599-608
Lutte préventive et curative a l'égard de Sitophilus zeamais Motsch. (Col. Curculionidae). – Rodriguez-Cobos, C.; Schiffers, B.C.; Haubruge, E.; Verstaeten, Ch.; Abdelmoula, A. 609-618
Influence de la repartition de quatre insecticides dans les grains de froment a l'égard de Sitophilus oryzae, de Rhizopertha dominica et de Tribolium confusum. – Schiffers, B.C.; Mahaut, T.; Roland, L. 619-628
Toxicity of plant oils and their major constituents against stored product insects. – Shaaya, E.; Pisarev, V. 629-638
Evaluation of lindane and bromophos in groundnut seeds during storage. – Shetty, H.S.; Lakshminarayama, K.P.; Shetty, S.A. 639-648
Comparative effectiveness of insect growth regulators with juvenile hormone, anti-juvenile hormone and chitin synthesis inhibiting activity against several stored food insect pests. – Smet, H.; Rans, M.; De Loof, A. 649-658
The effectiveness of methacrifos applied to wheat or rice in controlling two species of grain weevil. – Thomas, K.; Wilkin, D.R.; Amos, K.; Hoppe, T. 659-668
Chairman's Summary Report: 669
Author Index Volume 1: 689-692

Volume 2

Controlled atmosphere storage techniques for grain: The known and the future. – Banks, H.J.; Annis, P.C.; Rigby, G.R. 695-708
New techniques in fumigation research today. – Reichmuth, C. 709-726
Efficacy of controlled atmospheres on ten strains of the granary weevil Sitophilus granarius (L.) from different places of origin. – Adler, C.S. 727-736
Tolerance to carbon dioxide in Sitophilus oryzae. – Annis, P.C. 737-746
New operations manual for safe and effective fumigation of grain in sealed bag-stacks. – Annis, P.C.;Van S. Graver, J.; Highley, E. 747-756
Evaluation of cigarette beetle control using a computer-controlled carbon dioxide fumigation system. – Benezet, H.J.; Mc Connell, B.; Helms, C.W.; Landreth , K. 757-766
Fumigation of a silo bin with a mixture of magnesium phosphine and carbon dioxide by surface application. – Carmi, Y.; Golani, Y.; Frandji, H. 767-774
The use of a cylinder-based formulation of 2-3 % phosphine in liquid carbon dioxide. – Chakrabarti, B.; Mills, K.A.; Bell, C.H.; Wonter-Smith, T.; Clifton, A.L. 775-784
The effect of carbon dioxide in a controlled atmosphere upon the development and survival of stored product pests. (Abstract) – Dales, M.J. 785-786
Response of the larger grain borer Prostephanus truncatus (Horn) to methyl bromide. – Detmers, H.B. 787-796
Mesuré par cellule electrochimique et pilotage automatique d'une fumigation a la phosphine (PH3) d'un entrepôt de tabac de 220.000 m3. (Abstract) – Ducom, P.; Assemat, C.; Ducom, V. 797-798
Fumigation experiments with phosphine in traditional mud silos in Egypt to control stored product insects. – El-Lakwah, F. 799-810
Spraying of grains with insecticides in grain elevators. – Hamel, D. 811-820
Development of meters for measuring phosphine concentrations in the field. (Abstract) – Harris, A.H.; Cox, J.R. 821-823
Effect of phosphine on the development of storage mycoflora in paddy rice. – Hocking, A.D.; Banks, H.J. 823-832
Fumigant toxicity of allyl alcohol derivatives and related compounds to Tribolium castaneum (Herbst). (Abstract) – Ittah, Y.; Zissman, U.; Calderon, M.; Paster, N. 833-834
Application of controlled atmosphere for the storage of soybeans. (Abstract) – Julian, D.D.T.; Sabio, G.C.; Mendiola, J.A. 835-836
Modified tobacco warehouse aerations for lowered acutel emissions of phosphine into surrounding environs. – Keever, D.W. 837-846
Effet des fortes pressions sur l'efficacité insecticide des atmosphéères modifiées par CO2 contre Sitophilus granarius (L.) et S. oryzae (L.). – Le Torc'h, J.M.; Fleurat-Lessard, F. 847-856
The effect of low concentrations of carbon dioxide on the penetration of phosphine through wheat. – Leesch, J.G. 857-866
Application of modified atmospheres in grain storage: Retention of carbon dioxide with in treated enclosures. – Navarro, S.; Donahaye, E.; Talpaz, H. 867-876
Carbon dioxide fumigation in a heated portable enclosure. – Newton, J. 877-888
Mite control on seasoned pork products by modified atmospheres preliminary tests. – Pagani, M.; Ciampitti, M. 889-892
Bioproduction of modified atmospheres for insect control in small grain bins. – Paster, N.; Calderon, M.; Menasherov, M.; Mora, M. 893-900
Quality of paddy stored in underground silos - Part 1. – Penteado, M.F.P.; Sartori, M.R.; Vitti, P.; Mori, E.E.M.; Carvalho, P.R. 901-910
Response of the granary weevil Sitophilus granarius (L.) to controlled atmospheres under high pressure. – Prozell, S.; Reichmuth, C. 911-920
Oxygen relation of storage yeasts application to storage of cereals under modified atmospheres. (Abstract) – Richard-Molard, D.; Diawara, L.; Cahagnier, B. 921-922
Studies on the comparative efficacy and extent of residue of ethylene dibromide and phosphine in wheat stored in different storage structures of Rajasthan (India). (Abstract ) – Sharma , K.P. 923-924
Effects of periodically elevated carbon dioxide on stored-wheat ecosystems at cool temperatures. – White, N.D.G.; Jayas, D.S. 925-934
Recent development in the fumigation of grain with phosphine. – Winks, R.G. 935-944
Living with resistant strains of storage pests. – Dyte, C.E. 947-960
Inheritance of phosphine resistance in Tribolium castaneum and Rhyzopertha dominica. – Ansell, M.; Dyte, C.E.; Smith, R.H. 961-970
Chlorpyrifos-methyl resistance in Rhizopertha dominica populations: Correlating laboratory data with residual control.(Abstract) – Arthur, F. 971-972
IRAC survey of resistance of stored grain pests: Results and progress. – Badmin, J.S. 973-982
Management of resistance to insecticides in stored grain: Resistance risk and impact assessment. – Collins , P.J. 983-988
The potential for stored-product insects to develop resistance to modified atmospheres. – Donahaye, E.J. 989-998
Development of resistance to insecticides by populations of Prostephanus truncatus (Horn). – Golob, P.; Broadhead, P.; Wright, M. 999-1008
Permethrin resistance of the larger grain borer, Prostephanus truncatus (Horn). – Haubruge, E. 1009-1018
Insecticide resistance in populations of Oryzaephilus surinamensis and Cryptolestes ferrugineus from grain stores in the United Kingdom. – Muggleton, J.; Llewellin, J.A.; Prickett, A.J. 1019-1028
Resistance to malathion, pirimiphos-methyl and fenitrothion in Coleoptera from stored grains. – Pacheco, I.A.; Sartom, M.R.; Bolonhezi, S. 1029-1038
Development of resistance to phosphine and methyl bromide in Tribolium castaneum Herbst. (Abstract) – Rajendban, S. 1039-1040
Resistance to phosphine in stored grain insects in Brazil. – Sartobi, M.B.; Pacheco, LA.; Vilak, R.M.G. 1041-1050
Status of actellic resistance in three stored product insects infesting sorghum and beans in Rwanda. – Sriharen, S.; Dunkel, F.; Nizeyimana, E. 1051-1060
Field detection of resistance in beetle pests to contact insecticides. – Taylor, R.W. D. 1061-1064
Resistance to iodofenphos and malathion in the lesser mealworm Alphitobius diaperinus. – Wakefield, M.E.; Cogan, P.M. 1065-1074
Phosphine resistance in stored product insects in the United States. – Zettler, J.L. 1075-1082
Chairman's Summary Report: 1083-1084
Methodes physiques de protection des denrées alimentaires stockées. – Buscarlet, LA. 1089-1104
Irradiation disinfestation of stored foods. – Ahmed , M. 1105-1118
Susceptibility of the pupal stage of Plodia interpunctella to gamma irradiation as affected by radiation dose, age, sex and temperature. – Ahmed, M.Y.Y.; Daoud, M.A.R.; El-Hawary, E.S.; Boshra, S.A. 1119-1130
Effects of substerilizing doses of radiation and inherited sterility on reproduction of Ephestia cautella. (Abstract) – Al-Taweel, A.A.; Ahmed, M.S.H.; Shawkit, M.A.; Nasser, M.J. 1131-1132
Influence des rayons gamma sur la reproduction de Tribolium confusum Duv. (Abstract) – Bagheri-Zenouz, E. 1133-1134
Reduction of stored product insects during pneumatic unloading of ship cargoes. – Bahr, I. 1135-1146
Effect of different environments and physical conditions on shelf-life of full fat soyflour. – Bargale, P.C.; Joshi, K.C.; Jha, K. 1147-1156
La résistance au froid et a la chaleur: deux données fondamentales dans le contrôle des insectes des produits entreposés. – Chauvin, G.; Vannier, G. 1157-1166
Effects of microwawes radiations on two clothes moths: Tinea pellionella and Tineola bisselliella. – Chauvin, G.; De Reyer, D.; Vannier, G. 1167-1172
A new look at aeration. – Desmarchelier, J.M. 1173-1182
The cold-hardiness of Cryptolestes ferrugineus and the use of ice nucleation-active bacteria as a cold-synergist. – Fields, P.G. 1183-1192
Interactive effects of radiation and temperature on mortality of two stored product insects. – Hasaballa, Z.A. 1193-1198
Irradiation of agricultural products for mite (Acarina: Acaroidea) disinfestation. – Ignatowicz, S. 1199-1210
Sterilization of the bulb mite, Rhizoglyphus echinopus (F. ET R.) (Acarida: Acaridae), with gamma radiation. – Ignatowicz, S.; Sysiak, M. 1211-1220
Aeration of grain with ambient or artificially cooled air: A technique to control weevils in temperate climates. – Lasseran, J.C.; Fleurat-Lessard, F. 1221-1232
Cold-hardiness of eggs of moths Ephestia cautella (wlk.), E. kuehniella (Zell.), Plodia interpunctella (Hbn.) and Corcyra cephalonica (Stainton). – Locatelli, D.P.; Papale, G.; Daouo, E. 1233-1242
Chairman's Summary Report: 1243
The granulosis virus of indian meal moth: Recent developments. – Vail, P.V.; Tebbets, S. 1247-1254
Status of natural enemies as biological control agents of stored products insect pests. (Abstract) – Bhatti ,U.S.; Bhatti, S.K.; Teotia, U.V.S. 1255-1256
Biological control of Prostephanus truncatus (Horn) with parasitic Hymenoptera. ( Abstract ) – Brower, J.H. 1257-1258
Susceptibility of Teretriosoma nigrescens Lewis to insecticide. – Golob, P.; Broadhead, P.; Wright, M. 1259-1264
Biology of an egg parasite of Callosobruchus maculatus (Fab.). – Kapila, R.; Agarwal, H. C. 1265-1274
Pathogens of stored product insects in France. (Abstract) – Lipa, J.; Robert, P. 1275-1276
Studies on the biological control of corn sap beetle Carphophilous pilocellus by using Howardula sp. (Nematoda). – Narsi reddy, Y.; Devi, R.; Rao, P.N. 1277-1278
Status of Uscana mukerjii (Mani) in the biocontrol of bruchcds. – Pajni, H.R. 1279-1280
Ecology and predatory ability of Teretriosoma nigrescens. Lewis, a potential bio-control agent for Prostephanus truncatus (Horn). – Rees, D. 1281-1288
Biological control of maize kernel pest Carpophilous mutilatus through allantonematid nematode parasite. (Abstract) – Rukmini devi, T. 1289-1290
Effect of temperature on life history statistics of Anisopteromalus calandrae (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae), a parasitoid of Sitophilus zeamais. ( Abstract ) – Smith, L.; Arbogast, R.T. 1291-1292
Chairman's Summary Report: 1293
Sampling and trapping insect populations, the importance of environment, insects and trade. – Pinniger, D.B. 1297-1308
Estimating population density of Ephestia calidella (Lepidoptera-Pyralidae) in the field. (Abstract ) – Ahmad, T.R.; Ali, M.A. 1309-1310
Monitoring beetle pests movement in aerated grain bins by the use of pitfall cup and probe traps. – Cogan, P.M.; Wakefield, M.E.; Armitage, D.M.; Wilkin, D.R. 1311-1320
PC, a novel and inexpensive trap for the detection of beetle pests at low densities in bulk grain. – Cogan, P.M.; Wakefield, M.E.; Pinniger, D.B. 1321-1330
Intérêt des piéges a pheromone pour la surveillance des populations d'Ephestia elutella dans les entrepôts de tabac d'importation. – Geneve, R.; Delon, R.; Fleurat-Lessard, F.; Hicaube, D. 1331-1340
Automated acoustical detection of stored-grain insects and its potential in reducing insect problems. – Hagstrum, D.W. 1341-1350
Brown-rice bait-bags for monitoring insect pest populations in bag stacks of milled rice as an aid to pest control decision-making. – Haines, C.; Rees, D.; Ryder, K.; Sistyanto, S.; Cahyana, Y. 1351-1360
Performance and grower acceptance of probe-pitfall traps used to monitor Coleoptera that infest farm-stored corn in northeastern North Carolina. – Hillmann, R.C. 1361-1368
Chairman's Summary Report: 1369
Author Index Volume 2: 1385-1387

Volume 3

Monitoring of storage insects in northeast Mexico by food packets and pheromone traps. – Leos-Martinez, J. 1391-1400
Effectiveness of pheromone traps for monitoring populations of stored product insects. (Abstract) – Mullen, M.A.; Highland, H.A. 1401-1402
Single grain/single insect assays for investigating evenness of insecticide application to Australian wheat. – Nicholls, A.W. 1403-1408
A model trap for monitoring Ephestia cautella (Walker). – Quartey, G.K.; Coaker, T.H. 1409-1426
Advances in monitoring Prostephanus truncatus (Horn) and Teretriosoma nigrescens Lewis populations. – Rees, D.; Rodriguez, R.; Herrera, P.; Ofosu, A.; Richter, K.; Biliwa, A. 1417-1424
Evaluation de la répartition du P. truncatus par utilisation de piéges à pheromone sur le territoire du Togo. – Richter, J.; Biliwa, A. 1425-1434
Population dynamic of Ephestia kuehniella Zeller in a flour mill: Three years of mass-trapping. – Trematerra, P. 1435-1444
The detection of insects in grain using conventional sampling spears. – Wilkin, D.R.; Fleurat-Lessard, F. 1445-1454
A trapping method to evaluate efficacy of a structural treatment in empty silos. – Wright, E.J. 1455-1464
Early detection of insect infestation in grain samples by measuring the carbon dioxide content. (Abstract). – Zisman, U.; Calderon, M. 1465-1466
Protection des denrées stockées contre les degats de vertebres ravageurs. – Grolleau, G.; Gautun, J.C. 1469-1480
Minimal baiting and control of rats in storages using new generation anticoagulant rodenticides. – Balasubramanyam, M.; Maddaiah, G.P.; Ramamurth , R. 1481-1490
Rongeurs tropicaux et denrées alimentaires stockées de façon traditionnelle dans trois sites du Burkina Faso. – Gautun, J.C. 1491-1498
Biology and control of rodents and birds. (Abstract) – Issa, Y.A. 1499-1500
Comparison of the efficacy of five rodenticides on albino rats. – Mejule, F.O.; Akolade, M.A. 1501-1506
Amélioration des techniques de stockage des vivriers en vue de la réduction des pertes post-récolte occasionnées par les rongeurs au niveau de villages en republique centrafricaine. – Ratnadass, A.; Evans, D.C.; Way, B.S.; Mokombo, A. 1507-1516
Pulsed baiting: Laboratory evidence for behavioural exclusion in wild rats. – Smith, P.; Smith, H.; Sibly, R.M. 1517-1526
Rodenticide ecotoxicology: Modelling environmental effects of rodent control in stored products. (Abstract) – Smith, R.H.; Rampaud, M.; Cox, P.R. 1527-1528
Automatic traps for rodents controlling. – Timchenko, L.L. 1529-1534
The use of domestic cats in the control of the black rat, Battus rattus, in a swine-farm: A case history. – Tolar, V. 1535-1542
Laboratory test of some rodenticide baits with anticoagulant or hypervitaminosis effect in Wistar rat. – Tolar, V.; Petrikova, M. 1543-1549
Chairman's Summary Report: 1551
Stored-products protection in warm climates. – Schulten, G.G.M. 1557-1572
Causes and estimation of paddy rice post harvest losses in Liberia. (Abstract) – Amoako-Atta, B. 1573-1574
Protection of stored paddy from insects damage in warm climate. (Abstract) – Anand, P.; Jagadiswar, I R.; Sunil, P.G.; Jasobanta, B. 1575-1576
Efficacité d'insecticides binaires en poudre sur du mais egrene, stocké en sacs. – Biliwa, A.; Richter, J. 1577-1536
Amélioration des techniques de séchage du riz paddy en regions chaudes. (Abstract) – Cruz, J.F.; Pallet, D.; Stitou, D. 1587-1588
The repellent effect of neem (Azadirachta indien) oil and its residual efficacy against Callosobruchus maculatus (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) on cowpea. – Daniel, S.H.; Smith, R.H. 1589-1598
Control of stored groundnut insect pests in African subsistence farming. – Delobel, A.; Matokot, L. 1599-1607
Growth regulatory effects of Rwandan medicinal plant, Tetradenia riparia (Lamiaciae) on stored grain and bean insects. – Dunkel, F.; Weave, R D.; Vanpuyvelde, L. 1609-1617
A mathematical model of heat transfer in a sheeted bagstack of maize. (Abstract) – Dzisi, A.; Stenning, B.; Douglass, M.P. 1619
A review of collaborative grains postharvest research and development projects in the Asian region. – Highley, E.; Van S. Graver, J. 1621-1622
Protection of the post-harvest pulse grains with naphthalene balls against the attack of the pulse beetle, Callosobruchus chinensis (L.), in the non-refrigerated homestores. – Islam, M.N.; Karim, M. A. 1623-1632
Stored grain infestation by insects in northern India. – Khare, B.P. 1633-1638
Les stocks familiaux de haricots au Mexique et la lutte contre les bruchldes. – Leroi, B.; Pichard, B.; Bonet, A.; Montes, J. 1639-1648
Insect pests of stored timber in Kerala (India) and recent trends in their management. (Abstract) – Mathew, G. 1649-1650
Laboratory and on-farm assessment of resistance to Sitophilus zeamais in maize germplasm. – Mazarura, U.; Giga, D. 1651-1662
Importance de certaines légumineuses arborées et arbustives au Sénégal dans le cycle de Caryedon serratus ol. (Coleoptere, Bruchidae), et l'influence sur la contamination. – Ndiaye, S.; Jarry, M. 1663-1670
Use of new pesticides of plant origin for the control of Bruchids (Bruchidae; Coleoptera). – Pajni, H.R. 1671-1678
The effect of four botanicals on oviposition and adult emergence of the pulse beetle Callosobruchus maculatus. (Abstract) – Rajapakse, R. 1679-1680
Improvements in the practical methods of assessment of losses caused by insects in grain stored at the village level in tropical Africa. – Ratnadass, A.; Fleurat-Lessard, F. 1681-1692
Integrated pest control in mixed feed production and application in tropical countries. – Richter, K. 1693-1702
An overview on grain insect problems and ways to control them on farm storage, in Brazil. – Fontes, R.A.; Santos, J.P. 1703-1712
Potential of certain terpenoids as toxicants and repellents against Trogoderma granarium (Coleoptera-dermestidae L.). (Abstract) – Sighamony, S.; Anees, I.; Chandrakala, T.S.; Kaiser, J. 1713-1714
Evaluation of some edible oils as protectants of chickpea seeds C. arietinum L. against pulse beetle, Callosobruchus chinensis (L.) by preferential feeding method. – Sube Singh, S.; Singal, K.; Verma, A.N. 1715-1724
Toxicity of R,S-linalool to four species of storage Coleoptera as influenced by degradation and volatilization. – Weaver, D.K.; Dunkel, F.V.; Jackson, L.L. 1725-1736
Development of future prophylactic for India. – Yadav, T.D. 1737-1748
Storage structures and equipment engineering. – Bartali, H. 1749-1756
Les silos en terre armée de paille. – Bartali, H.; Lamzouri, J. 1757-1768
The use of a self-cooled exothermic controlled atmosphere generator to provide a means of controlling insect pests in grain. – Bell, C.H.; Llewellin, B.E.; Sami, B.; Chakrabarti, B. 1769-1776
Effect of moisture content on coefficients of friction and angle of repose for different types of grains. – Benedetti, C.; Jorge, T. 1777-1786
Mobile grain coolers. – Elder, W.B. 1787-1792
A comparison of measured pressures in full scale silos with code recommendations. – Khelil, A.; Roth, J.C.; Brozzetti, J. 1793-1806
Biossay validation of an application developed to precisely control the wiping of concentrated insecticide onto a moving grain stream. – Nicholls, W. 1807-1816
Construction de domes pour le stockage de produits agricoles. (Abstract) – Ribadiere, A. 1817-1818
Stockage en cellules etanches et sous atmosphere controlée. (Abstract) – Rignault, P.; Poichotte, J.L.; Desnos, G. 1819-1820
Recent developments in engineering of food grain storage in India. – Shukla, B.D.; Patil, R.T. 1821-1830
Phyto explo: Granular bulk penetrating tool. (Abstract) – Vacquer, B.; Vacquer, F. 1831-1832
Duct: A PC program for sizing and evaluating grain-store ducts. – Wilson, S.G. 1833-1842
Aerate: A PC program for predicting aeration system performance. (Abstract) – Wilson, S.G. 1843
Chairman's Summary Report: 1845-1846
Protection des stocks de provision en suisse. – Bucheli, B. 1851-1866
Regulations regarding processed foods. – Vincent, P.M. 1867-1872
Characteristics of plastic films as regards attacks by insects on foodstuffs. – Bertonazzi, M.C. 1873-1878
Sanitation standards. – Bitner, M. 1879-1884
Protection contre les ravageurs des denrées stockées. – Favreau, J. 1885-1892
Deltamethrin residues in products obtained from stored treated cereals. – Molinari, G.P. 1893-1906
Infestations and insect control in the Canadian grain elevator system. (Abstract) – Van Loon, J. 1907-1908
Chairman's Summary Report: 1909
Economics and decision making in stored-product pest management. – Mumford, J.; Norton, G. 1913-1924
The cost and effectiveness of aeration in the British climate – Armitage, D.M.; Wilkin, D.R.; Cogan, P.M. 1925-1934
Assessing food losses and the socio-economic capacity for improvements through statistical surveys. – DeLima, C.P.F. 1935-1944
Storage pest management in the Australian seeds industry – Heather, N.W. 1945-1950
A review of the progress of modern grain storage technology through the development of grain storage technology in ancient China. – Jin, Zuxun. 1951-1966
Management strategies to minimise losses during grain storage. (Abstract) – Locke, M.T.; Boxall, R.A. 1967-1968
Investigations on the assessment of losses in pulses by pulse beetle (Callosobruchus chinensis L.) F: Bruchidae and its chemical control with special reference to fumigants. (Abstract) – Nasare, W.L.; Borle, M.N. 1969-1970
Corn storage at farm level. – Pimentel, M. De Lyra; Araujo, M.R.A.; Lira, M. De A.; Tabosa, R.N. 1971-1980
Status of research Bruchids as storage pests of legumes in India. (Abstract) – Singal, S.K. 1981-1982
Modern technologies for stored-grain protection against insect pests in the USSR. – Zakladnoy, G.A. 1983-1990
Chairman's Summary Report: 1991
The role of modelling in the management of stored-product pests. – Longstaff, B.C. 1995-2008
Farm-stored maize in South Carolina, USA: Toward characterization of a habitat.(Abstract) – Arbogast, R.T.; Throne, J.E. 2009-2010
An expert system for managing insect pests of stored grain. – Flinn, P.W.; Hagstrum, D.W. 2011-2018
Ecosystem modelling to provide early warning of pest infestation of stored grain. – Kawamoto, H.; Sinha, R.N.; Muir, W.E. 2019-2028
Upper and lower temperature thresholds for development of six stored-product beetles. – Subramanyam, B.H.; Hagstrum, D.W.; Harein, P.K. 2029-2038
The role of expert systems in current and future grain protection. – Wilkin, D.R.; Mumford, J. ; Norton, G. 2039-2048
Chairman's Summary Report: 2049-2050
Technical Exhibition Participants 2051-2059
Author Index Volume 3: 2061-2064
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